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Totty snake in pictures

Eloise – age 6

“I like to walk on the lines up to Greenmount with my family, and so enjoying walking past the Tottington snake and looking at all the stones.

My grandad and my mum helped me paint a big Stone bright pink and I decorated it with a rainbow and a message for the NHS.

I think the snake looks great – well done everyone!”

Albie C

“I added my stone to the snake on my 102nd day of isolation. I am a high risk and still have a few days left to do with only 1 exercise a day. I am 2 years old. Mummy and daddy helped me do this stone which I wanted to add to the totty snake.”

Lewis and Elliott

“We have put a few of our stones on the snake. Earlier this week we came across Julie and Angie who had the table out with stones and sharpies. We painted one more each! So much fun and we walk past it a lot and love to look at it! “

Lewis, Millie, and Bette H

“We added our names to the Totty Snake because we would walk up the lines everyday when we couldnt go anywhere else for our excercise. We was waiting for our little sister Bette to be born, now when she sees her name on the snake when shes older it will remind her of being safe in mummys belly and her brother and sister waiting to meet her during the Lockdown ๐Ÿ’•”

Myla N

“I painted a stone for my best friend Sophie and me because we hadn’t seen each other during lockdown. I missed her a lot but we met up once on a walk down the lines after I put the stone on the snake. The snake is brilliant, so fantastic. It cheers me up!”

Karen B

“My stone was painted and placed on the Snake in memory of my beautiful daughter Sadie Higson who sadly and suddenly passed away last year. Our house overlooks the lines and Sadie loved walking her dog Max down the lines in her wheelchair. Many fond memories. Her friends have also placed stones next to her name. A wonderful idea xx”

Bee M-D

“I live in Tottington and go to school at Tottington Primary School. I wanted to add to the snake as I feel it is a great way of showing our community both old and young, that we are in this together. I am only 4 years old but I know the coronavirus is a very scary thing. The spirit of the snake will see it off.”

Ellen B

“My stone was painted in memory of my beautiful 18 year old daughter who sadly passed away 14 June 2019 of a rare cancer she loved taking her little dog for walks on the lines so we thought it a lovely idea to leave a lasting memory of her.”

Andrea D

“When the snake began I was in Fairfield ICU on a ventilator. It was easy for me, I was unconscious but for my family it was tough. My sister Claire walked my dog Rocky down the lines and the Tottysnake became a daily focus. She chose some of my rocks and added them to the snake. She filmed the snake and sent it to me when I finally pulled round. She knew what would encourage me to fight and get better and involvement in the project has helped me recover. I paint rocks , I draw outlines for children to colour and I have shared blank rocks for some who canโ€™t find any to paint.

I learnt first hand how awful this virus is my body has used everything I had to pull round. The snake allows everyone a chance to belong, to share their stories, to encourage us to do something normal whilst keeping safe.
The children are happy and safe to join in, they deserve that at least.”

Angie S

“Hermione won a prize for finding stones in the totty snake, she can’t wait to get started.”


“I told my two grandchildren who live in Chadderton about the Totty Snake. They then painted their own pebbles and came over one Sunday to proudly add them to the snake.”

Logan & Louie D

“I fixed this little piggy to make it better for these two,
I picked up all the pieces and stuck them, (and my fingers), with lots and lots of glue.
But as they were so lovely, I bought them new piggy banks,
And got the greatest gift of all back,
Lots of smiles and lots of thanks.”๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ

Angie S

“One of our lovely Totty Snake Carers Julie with her โ€˜King of the Rocksโ€™ scarecrow down painting more stones to add to our snake, well done Julie” ๐Ÿ˜€

Eve G

“Such a lovely way to send messages of hope and love” โค๏ธ ๐ŸŒˆ

Liz K and Hannah R

Photos below by Angie S