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The Totty Snake

Our Hissssstory Set In Stone

A Snake is Born

During Lockdown we couldn’t do much. We couldn’t see friends or play the games we use to play. Our Dad saw an idea to create a snake made of the stones that we used to paint.

We started the snake on the 9th May 2020 and put a poster telling people ‘please don’t take them away’.

On the first night they disappeared, but we were not sad – we came back and cheered – as others had replaced them, and we added more to make the community come together during these hard times.

We hope everyone enjoys what we started and make it something that will never be departed.

– Olive (age 9) & Seb Withington (age 6)

The Birth Of Totty Snake

Totty Snake Caught on Video

Thanks to Adrian S for this video of Totty Snake on 8th June 2020

The Totty Snake

by Stephen P Taylor

In years gone by
The train would fly
Along the iron track
Till Beeching called
An end to all
There was no going back

The rail line there
In disrepair
Some history that was dying
With finance cuts
And stations shut
A government complying

Now green aware
With love and care
The lines again awake
With children’s time
A new design
Now forms the ‘Totty’ snake

From local homes
The painted stones
Meander down the lane
And now no sign
From back in time
Of that old mighty train

And through dark times
That old train line
Has come to show some unity
As stones are laid
And tributes paid
From this one great community
Four hundred yards
Of stone like guards
Lining the walking paths
And a permanent sharing
From those who were caring
Is the railway line aftermath

From flowers and trees
And Manchester Bees
To heroes of the NHS
Of happiness and grief
Hopefulness, belief
Pulling through the lockdown stress

Time well used
Keeping amused
Painting and sculpting stones
Doors on trees
Flags in the breeze
Pirates with skull and crossbones

Princesses and dolls
Hobbits and trolls
Characters of the mind
In a passage of green
A delight to be seen
All of them here you can find

Big brass bells
And seaside shells
Dotted along the snake
Cartoon faces
From TV places
And even a real rock cake

Commitment showing
The snake is growing
With an ever expanding tail
From local factions
This tourist attraction
Enhancing the Kirklees trail

Messages of hope
Local businesses support
From a caring village here
Place a rock down
With thoughts of Lockdown
And give that snake a cheer

©2020 Steven P Taylor

Lisssssssten Along

Totty Snake on BBC Radio Manchester

Jen Dale interviews Angie Sutcliffe of Totty Snake Carers